Jul 212019

Another beautiful sunny day in Prague, so I decided to hunt outside. I wanted to go for a little drink but the boy I met there made me totally forget about my thirst. All I could think about was him. He was waiting there for his girlfriend so I had to be really quick and convincing. Money did the trick. The boy was a student of agricultural so not exactly a rich guy. I offered him cash and he ditched his girl in a second. I love guys like that. We fooled around on the street for a few minutes and had a great fun. He was in a pretty good shape and didnt mind to show it off. Im sure all the ladies around enjoyed the view. And so did I but I wanted a lot more from the boy. We had to go somewhere discreet. I knew this was going to be a fun afternoon.

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Jul 212019

Handjob Casting – Carlos Costa

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Jul 212019

Skinny suckers aren’t they. you’d like to believe they’re first timers. the scene is a bit quiet for my taste. but fun to watch nonetheless.

Jul 212019

OMG, you walk into the room and your friend/room mate is waiting for you naked, legs high, cock hard, and ass inviting? You enjoy the feast for your eyes, mouth, and hands. first. and then get your friend to strip you down for joint mutual ACTION. long slim lanky twink/studs. great chemistry and good action. The top is studly, but I like the bottom best, one sexy fucker!

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