Feb 122012

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  8 Responses to “Omg, my ass hurts so good just from watching!”

  1. God that bottom is really getting serviced !! That guy is totally rampant!!

  2. Both of them, getting exactly what he needs… Love how the little bottom’s buttcheeks flex and dimple as he enjoys the POUNDING he’s taking!

  3. I just love the boys I find sometimes that love having my cock pounding their cute little smooth asses. Its a joy to me when they buck and moan and force all my cock in them. The ones that fuck like there is no tommorow get me so hot I literally explode in them ,too quick sometimes

    • So hot seeing a soft smooth white arse getting the mix of pain and pleasure and to hear the slurping, slapping sound of a wet cock _ so erotic.

  4. Young seem´s like Niklaus Mikaelson…oh gosh! 😀

  5. Magnifique scène de baise, violent, enfoncé et écrasé dans le beau anus de minet ! Génial !

  6. that is called hurting so good. nothing better than a good fucking

  7. That cute bottom is the definition of “power bottom”

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