Feb 172012
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Dick Dorm

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  8 Responses to “Always the best way. The ultimate for losing your load…”

  1. thats no lie, You know you got fucked good when you get pounded so well you cum

  2. That’s true Rick and that guy has – it just keeps on oozing out!!

  3. Rick,you are so right.It’s like cum is flowing through your body and out your cock.Now all you need is someone on the end of that lads cock,like me, to suck up the sweet teen cum.

  4. where can I see the full video?

  5. An amazing sensation… to climax while your lover is taking what he needs… Your boi-muscles are all conflicted… open and relaxed, so he may take his thrusts… while weakly clenching as you experience your own dribbling ejaculation… A true immersion in sensations…

  6. Guys, this must be taken from some clip… anybody knows which one?

  7. Steve: I don’t.

  8. More this!

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