Feb 242012

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  7 Responses to “Young man wanks and cums at workplace…”

  1. He is a very hot young lad who is right at home with that dildo up his boy hole.I would like to put my dildo up his hole and feel his hot insides.His cock is not that big,but you could suck on it with out choking on it.I don’t think he likes the taste of his cum juice.Maybe he is on a salt free diet.

  2. That lad is as acmp as a row of bell tents and boy does he like things in his ass.

  3. Gladly change his dildo by my cock.. 😀

  4. |I’am perplex at this video. Not that it’s not enjoyable,but what happen to the Dildo Kid video.I wrote a comment on the Didlo Kid as did Conor and Mauricio and when I come back the next day you have this underpayedpainters helper jacking off on my screen.The kid was nice but the Didlo Kid stirred my bone up a lot more then this underpaid painter.

  5. Grande et belle bite bien bandée ! Donnez-moi les spermes, j’envie de les goûter… Merci.

  6. Wow, When I was young I used to love playing at work. I had keys and would take guys back after closing strip and play in canteen, warehouse and the office. Happy Days.


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