May 032012

The new gay teen studio

  6 Responses to “Teen boy Marat…”

  1. Such a cute face and a sleek, fit body… Glad he decided to show it off to the world.

  2. Your so right Mike.I liked the photo where he is looking down at his hooded cock,as if too say,Rise you hunk of meat and show yourself to the world,or at least to the guys on gayteenlove.Scene two he starts to poke it’s head out from it’s hooded cover.Scene three it said,I’am here,do you want to taste me?. The rest is up to you all.

  3. this one is cute and has a lovely cock to go with the lovely body its attached to

  4. Marat is good sex boy.

  5. jeg jør de og naken

  6. hot sexy so cute and gorgeous body…..would love one on one time with him…..he gets me very excited….love to see his pics and video…..YU

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