Jul 252012

Dick Dorm

  8 Responses to “Zebra boy…”

  1. Love this little bitch, he’s such a showman! Sleek, shaved bod, all sexy in his stripes, with his good parts still on display. He strokes that big dick until he writhes, thrusts and grunts thru his climax, then he smears his jizz over his sleek body and tastes it. Good boi.

  2. Cutest boy ever…. yup, so baby soft smooth ,hairless and what a beautiful tool that just begs to be sucked and played with. And what a moaner, I bet he’s a screamer when he gets that dick sucked.

  3. Isn’t that a young Christain… ? Dunno his second name, Greek-American lad. He’s been in loads of porno vids and boy does he like wanking off . Pretty impressive dick as well. That dude is roasting!!

  4. Love how he gets into it and the sexy grunts and groans as he works up to his hot cumsot…

  5. Love that smooth clean cock,and that smooth clean body. I thought he come out with a zebra sock on his cock.

  6. What a cute boy! The whole package…his great cock… His adorable smile and boy-pitched moaning…Even the visuailzer was a great touch. Only thing missing was a view of his tight ass…. Anyone know where I can find that?

  7. @Youngbutt Lover. I too love tight young butts,and I presume this lads tight butt is just in back of that cute play tool in front.

  8. I love this perfect boy… And his pressious Feet <3

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