Aug 232012
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The World of Boys

  7 Responses to “Watch that ass pulsate as the bottom cums…”

  1. I was wondering when that bottom lad was going too cum. His boy hole sure did react to his juice squirted out of his joy stick.

  2. Two very horny wankers and squirters but Oh Dear. ramming spunk up yr bf’s ass isn’t what I’d call “good hygiene” Come on lads wise up and cover up, you know it makes sense!

  3. Conor, don’t worry. The vid cuts off a bit early, but you can see at the very end that his boner-budd finishes up this cummy episode with a thorough tongue-cleaning and gets that pink, winking boi-hole squeaky clean!

  4. The fact that that teen is inside his bf’s hole without a condom is quite enough for he later to catch something. Those bugs move fast !!

  5. Aw, Conor I was just kidding ya 🙂

  6. Nothing more intimate that seeing a close-up of a sphincter on a beautiful boy

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