Aug 302012

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  6 Responses to “Teen boy Unwin…”

  1. He’s a beautiful boi, and his cock has the perfect curve… You could kneel before him to blow him and that curved tool would slip right down the throat. Mmmmm… gurgl

  2. @ Mike: I just don’t know what to say.You took the cock right out of my mouth. He is beautiful,there’s no denying that.

  3. he is indeed very beautiful!! i would love to suck his cock and put his balls in my mouth!

  4. This blog is very good. I am pleassed to meet this page in Internet. I am gay and I like the nude & naked photos with young and handsome boys. I think about a young pennis and balls in my mouth and all body.

  5. OOOMMMMFFFGGGG – I love this innocentlooking boyz with BIG cocks!!! “Unwin” is one of the best!! Woooaaawwww . . . !!!!!!

  6. I wanna suck aht cock so badly

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