Dec 012012

Luke Allen remembers his first time with a boy and Aiden Summers helps him recreate the excitement of the moment with his huge cock. Luke hungrily swallows his first dick then Aiden pops his tight and tender young cherry. LIke recalls the pleasure, but mostly the pain of his first hard fuck as Aiden gladly pounds the virginity out of the smooth twinks butt hole. Starring: Luke Allen, Aiden Summers

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  3 Responses to “Luke’s First Time Remembered…”

  1. That Luke boy is certainly as camp as a row of bell tents! But the lad Aiden certainly has a BIG dick and really gives Luke’s a good pounding!! Pity it cut short before we could see any cum shots!

  2. I would take Aiden over Lukey baby any old time. Lukey butt hole maybe welling but his brain is a bit off. I had my first dick up the old boy hole when I was 18yrs. old. The dick was just about 6″ and when we went at it about 2 weeks later it still was about 6″. He must have been on drugs that first time which is a shame. The first time you should have your wits about you.

  3. Luke IS camp, but it is a turn-on to hear any sweet boy talk about his asshole like that. Aiden is gorgeous

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