Dec 052012

Bfh Productions – new teenboys

  9 Responses to “Hot teen on the rocks…”

  1. Shit, that’s a small dick

  2. Nice looking lad but very boring. Bet this is an Eastern European or Russian vid clip!

  3. You are right Conor, this is a cute lad that I would like to see in person. I don’t care so much about his short which he seems to like to keep on. Yes this was boring,but only because he got poor direction. I like the shaved look he has and I don’t mean on his face. Most likely he doesn’t even shave there yet.

  4. Sad… Terrible noise.

  5. I agree with you – he’s a cute boy with a nice smooth body, but let down by the unimaginative filming and the awful music. Still, I liked those abs, his looks and his firm legs. I’d prefer him not to shave his pubes, though!

  6. Bad video… Good boy.

  7. I think it’s hot becuz he jacks his cock while wearing his shorts. And I think those shorts are hot. Does anyone know what brand they are?

  8. i love this boys bod, dick and all

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