Dec 142012

Dick Dorm

  10 Responses to “Fantastic body…”

  1. He’s incredibly hot – smooth with plenty of muscle. I love watching those abs as he gets close to cumming.

  2. Not only a fantastic body but a great cock and balls as well. Don’t know if he’s gay though, probably just an exhibitionist who likes showing off his equipment!Nice tho!

  3. Conor: What is the matter with you. Didn’t you see on the right side of his nut sack, it said “Made In Gay Land”. This lad is a lad who not only works out on his Johnson, he sure works out on those abs and the rest of that beautiful body of his. That reminds me of me when I was 18 yrs young. He has a real nice boy butt to go with that cock and nut sack. I got a kick out of the fact that he, half way into the video he locks the bedroom door. Love that smile he gives you every once and then in the film.

  4. This is a lad who should never have to touch himself.

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  6. B E A U T I F U L !!!

  7. Would love to have him flat on his back with his legs in the air!

  8. Yeah, davey, fuck him while he unloads on those abs.

  9. This is Pierre Fitch, before he had tatoos…….

  10. Love to have him any way he wants to be.

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