Jan 102013
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  5 Responses to “Teen hot fuck…”

  1. I feel sorry for this bottle blond kid. All he has to do is lay there on that bed with his legs spread open so that lucky dude can fuck is boy hole. That dude is even going to jerk this kid off. Pretty face just lays there saying “shit”. What a hard life this kid has.

  2. I think that bottom is really enjoying himself as his hung fb rams his asshole. But why oh why do these young dudes not use a condom!!

  3. Nice FPV of the penetrating of a fully erect, grunting boi! I was also fully erect.

  4. hot boy and he really seems to enjoy being taken. lots of grunting and exclamations!

  5. Those two are enjoying themselves and I’m not surprised – that blond is a total cutie. And as you say, Michael, all he has to do is lie back and enjoy the fucking. I’d have liked to see him unload his sweet boy cum.

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