Apr 102013

More Photos and Videos from Beautiful Twinks

  6 Responses to “Russian recruit Pavel…”

  1. Good looking lad with a very will built body. Its not over down with muscles. That’s a nice cock he has there and I don’t believe it is at it’s full potential. Love those legs. The hair is below the knees and the upper part is clean as a babies butt.

  2. blahhhhhh

  3. I like twinks who have body hair like that – below the knee, pubes, trail and pits, but have a boy smooth face and chest. I bet he’s got a nice hole, too. He’s got just enough muscle, too. Hot!

  4. He has just the right bod for pinning me down, mounting up and driving me home!

  5. he is sexy. id love to find a young guy to be my first fuck. heyy boys 22 m am looking for anything and love to meet new ppl.

  6. I like a nice young boy to show off his sweet boy but. This young boy has a very beautiful smile and a very cute body, that I would love to kiss all over.

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