Aug 112013

  17 Responses to “Gorgeous…”

  1. This lad doesn’t have to go far to give himself a Blow Job. Some people have all the luck. That is a beautiful cock standing at attention with a really nice mushroom helmet, that looks like it wants to go into action.

  2. What a beauty! You could choke on such a monster.

  3. Seen this guy before, that pic is photoshopped.

  4. Jeez that’s one fukin huge dick!Where do they get these lads from. Talk about “overgrown”!! That is one butt buster! And that nob end! Wow you’d certainly feel he rim of that mushroom tugging at your ring as he pulled it outta ya ass!

  5. I can hardly believe what I’m seeing….can this be real? Or just a dream?

  6. I don’t understand how you are all taken in so easily – it’s obviously photo-shopped, I mean it doesn’t even LOOK real

  7. I’d love to sit on that. It would certainly hit the right spot!

  8. Hi admin, would you please update it more often? at lease once a two days. need more great video to… you know..

  9. Anyone know to tell me where it is? I would do anything to get it for me.

  10. WOW that cock looks so nice to suck and sit on
    I wonder how big it actually is !!!!! anyone know ?

  11. All you guy who are making comments about that lad’s dick being “unreal” Hey dudes get a life. Just accept that there are lads out there who have absolutely fukin HUGE cocks!

    I detect a bit of envy in ya comments!

  12. And dudes if ya don’t believe me have a surf through some of the other huge teen dicks that have been up on this site!

  13. I’m envious Conor! I’d love to meet a guy with a cock like that.

  14. So would I Paulo – he’s just in his teens, 18 or so I’d say. But if I had a lad with a dick like that what would I do with it!I certainly couldn’t take it without the risk of massive anal trauma! Think I’d just stand in amazement and ogle it!

  15. fas um vídeo seria muito interessante e bem gostoso mesmo de ver ok

  16. He’s hot he can fuck me and nut in my ass

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