Oct 012013

  14 Responses to “4 boys…”

  1. I would be happy with anyone of these hot lads. I would love to play with number 2’s foreskin. Number 1 has my kind of easy going cock that is easy to suck on. Number 4 has a big Johnson with a beautiful mushroom head, but my tonsils would get in the way. Number 3 needs some cleaning up and I gladly do this hard job. Hell, someone has to do it.

  2. Great selection of fit attractive lads. I think No.4 is he best in my opinion – luv hat massive cock and massive nob end.

  3. It’s #1. Definitely.

  4. O número 1 é o mais bonito…Tesão !!!!!

  5. Four lovely lads. 3 is hot with good looks and a great body with a perfect cock head, glistening with that sweet load. For me number 1 is the best – the cute boy face coupled with a finely muscled smooth body and a big, satisfying cock. Yummy!

  6. all very nice, but yep, it’s number 1 by far.

  7. Love to chew on the foreskin of that no 2 lad’s great cock. The jusice from that 3rd fellow must be awfully great tasting.

  8. Forgot to mention How I would love to sit on the 1st lad stiif dick.

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  10. What is the name of the thrid boy please?

  11. What is the name on the third boy ? He’s son cute !

  12. G’day can u plz tell me what site u got no.3 from its hard to find him thank you.

  13. i’m straight but i wouldn’t mind to suck any of these cocks here .

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