Oct 232013

  10 Responses to “Boys From Boystation…”

  1. #9 reminds me of those yester years when I was about that age. Just laying out in a simple and sincere fashion with a cigarette in one hand, and with my other hand about to make my grower be a show off. That beach seen reminds of being up at Sandy Hook Nude Beach. #2 has a nice relaxing pose. I wish I had a yard that I could do that in with out prying neighbors. He has a nice mushroom head on that Johnson of his. Love to suck on that.

    • I am still waiting for your moderation. This is Nov1st. What’s the hold up. You don’t like me.

      • Michael, I have found that when I post comments using Safari, they go straight on here. When I use other browsers (to see videos that won’t work on Safari), they go for moderation. I have the impression the wonderful person who looks after this amazing site does not look at it every day. Hence the delay.

  2. BoyStation have some great looking lads – the two on the beach are perfect and that set has got some hot fucking in it.

  3. Gostei do garoto da foto 7…É bonito e gostosinho !!!!!!! Belo pau duro !!!!!

  4. ce supert beaux

  5. L’avant-dernière photo est superbe. J’adore ces deux garçons entièrement nus qui font l’amour sur la plage. J’aimerais être près d’eux…

  6. J’adore ces deux superbes garçons entièrement nus qui font l’amour sur la plage. Ils sont de toute beauté. J’aimerais avoir été le photographe… Utopie des utopies, tout n’est qu’utopie…

  7. J’adore l’avant-dernière photo: deux jeunes garçons entièrement nus font l’amour sur la plage. Si seulement j’avais pu être le photographe… Je n’aurais pas résisté à me masturber devant eux…

  8. The last but one photo is wonderful. I love the white boy suckind his friend’s prick.

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