Mar 252014

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  1. What the fuck is that on his head. He shot a good load of cum, but I can see he is not a cum taster.

  2. Absolutely massive balls for a teen lad! Pretty impressive cock and shot a really thick load.
    Clip was a bit on the long side could have been cut in half without any loss!

  3. Que rosto bonito tem esse garoto e também bom corpo, pau bolas e cu…Muito bom !!!

  4. I agree conorcunt – it was a bit dull, he struggled to get a proper hard on and he could have shown off that stunning body a bit better. Still, what a body it is – those abs! He’s got a nice cock, too, BIG balls and a decent load.

  5. He is sooooooooo cute I love his smile, his eyes are so inviting, I would love to nibble on those toes and then work my way up to that scrumptious mouth where I’d proceed to suck on his tonsils and his tongue all while stroking and massaging that perfect cock and those cum filled balls. Then after were good and worked up we’ed fuck each other until we were both ready to explode then we’d 69 into each others mouth then while the cum is still warm we’d start sucking face enjoying each other while in each others arms. Oh ya I LOVE those fox ears there sooooo sexy

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