Apr 302014

It’s spring time and Dylan Hall is already feeling the heat. The handsome boy finds himself lounging around outside trying to deal with a hard personal problem when he finally phones his friend Evan Parker for a helping hand. Evan arrives and the boys undress for an afternoon make out but this spring fling really heats up when the thick man meat comes out. Evan takes control and fucks Dylan’s tan ass all over the patio with two hard hitting positions until they both blow their sweet loads in the fresh spring air. Starring: Evan Parker, Dylan Hall

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  3 Responses to “Spring Heat with Evan & Dylan”

  1. You can always rely on Helix to produce vids with really hot guys and this is no exception. That top has a really massive dick. Like the fact that they are really camp as well. Nice to see a condom being used!!

    • Yeah – Helix have hot boys and vids are always well produced and HOT! I love Evan, the top – nice body and great cock. Bet the end of this is good!

  2. Beleza esses modelos…Linda transa !!!!!!

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