Apr 302014

  8 Responses to “Teens & Twinks…”

  1. I love cute twinks with lean bodies and big cocks and these are perfect. 7’s cock is amazing, but I’d choose 8, if I could!

  2. Some great specimens of lads’ manhoods there!
    That lad in pic. 7 has a huge rock hard cock and the lad in puc 8 isn’t far ebhind him either.

  3. Boy 6 has a perfect lean, tight, smooth body, too. Just how I like them!

  4. Would LOVE to make #1 my boybride

  5. Is #1 even legal? cute as hell tho!

  6. O # 7 é bonito e pausudo !!!!!!

  7. wish site I can see more of the first boy

  8. would like to know the Name of #1 to look for more of his pictures

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