Jul 042014

  6 Responses to “Hot boys part 2…”

  1. Nice selection. Pic.no.3 is great, that dude has a HUGE mushroom head cock. You would certainly feel the rim of that huge nob end tugging on your ring as he pulled out of your ass!!

  2. Excelente seleção…O # 1 e o # 3 são pausudos !!!! O #2 e o # 5 tem bons paus e lindos cuzinhos !!!!!!

  3. That first lad has an impressive cock – I’m not surprised he looks so smug! I think I’d go with number 4 – nice bod, cock and some fresh teen cum, too.

  4. I don’t think lad in pic. No.1 has a particularly big dick. But the lad in pic No.3 certainly has, the nob end is just awesome!

  5. #1 !!! what a cock!!! Thats an all day sucker! and what I would give to ease myself down in his lap and slowly slide that boner up inside of me

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