Sep 012014

  10 Responses to “Hot cute boys”

  1. My My what a LOVELY skinny cock on boy #1, I would enjoy sucking that one ALL DAY!!

  2. Well I have been on here for some time so most of you know that I love a shaved cock. So I would love to go all the way down on #1 and #5. Go right down to the very base of their cocks. Number 5 would be a bit of a job getting to the base of his cock, but it sure would tickle the hell out of my tonsils.

  3. Another great selection. Smooth, horny twinks just gagging for it.

  4. I must say that if #I and #5 where busy I sure would go for #3. Real nice body with a handsome cock and ball sack package. It looks like he trims that bush of his. I like it when a lad takes care of his body.

  5. Outra maravilhosa coleção de lindos garotos e deliciosos paus…O # 3 é lindo de rosto e corpo e tem um pau de bom tamanho e o # 5 é todo delícia !!!!!!

  6. Another great selection of smooth boys showing off their hard cocks. 3 has a great body, 5 is cute looking with a great cock. I like the look of blond 6, too. Very hard, although I’d get him to shave those balls.

  7. Just had another look at this fab. selection. Lad in pic no.3 has a geat body and superb dick!

  8. Jeg liker deg ,jeg vill suga dinn pikk

  9. the 4th one looks like colin morgan.

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