May 142016

That is one nice cock and like how small his sack gets when he is close to cumming… Bet his cum tastes so sweet… What’s not to like. He is really cute with a nice fuzzy little butt hole and a hot cock. Love seeing it hard and being stroked but also liked looking at it soft with the foreskin only partially retracted and his little pink head peeking out. Very hot when they were trying to get to his little hole and he was clenching his butt cheeks so hard that they could barely pull them apart. He eventually gets fingered which was hot. Bet his young boy sperm tasted good.

Smooth Boys Paradise!

May 122016

It’s after hours at Helix Studios. Everyone’s gone home and headquarters is dark. Everyone that is, except Kyle Ross and the new guy, Sam Truitt. Kyle has brought Sam to show off his new desk and let the tall, tattooed twink-wrecker check out a whole lot more.The kisses were deep & passionate, but Kyle wastes little time in getting down to business. Even through Sam’s jeans, he can see & feel that the rumors he’d heard were true and can’t help but get started, even before the 9 inch heavy artillery is unleashed. Once exposed, Kyle quickly begins feed on the massive cock cannon and service Sam sloppily, with tongue, throat, one handed, then two. Next, Sam moves Kyle onto the desk where he folds the shaggy blonde in half and briefly returns the favor before burying his face between Kyle’s tasty cakes. Don’t miss what happens after the tongue fucking when these two rock hard romeos give new meaning to the term “desk job”.

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May 122016

I was on the way to the Christmas market when I noticed a young guy who apparently was kinda sexy. Unfortunately he was in a hurry and it took me already about five minutes to even stop him for a short interview. He was really not interested in speaking with me as he was afraid of missing his train. When I finally got his attention he told me that he went to Prague just for a party. He spent 3000 Crowns there with a few friends – a small fortune for a Czech youngster. So I was sure to get him with my offer. But actually he wasn’t interested. He really refused 10,000 CZK for a simple shirt blowjob. And as he again was about to run away from me I had to decide very fast whether to increase my offer or not. I decided to double it. And trust me – he was worth it.

Czech Hunter

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May 122016

Morgan is an adorable boy we all want to cuddle with, along with other things

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