Sep 042017

Sam is just the kind of boy we like.
Because he’s one of you!
Yes, we think that Sam is actually one of the youngest of our members here at
He’s just 18 years old (note the childhood toys on the ledge in the background) and, as you can quite clearly see, he’s cute as a button too.
Of course, when you sign up for membership, you don’t have to tell us your age. So we had no idea of just how young Sam was until he got in touch.
The first thing we wanted to know (well, maybe the second…) was why’s a young
boy like you signing up to porn at all? Surely with your looks you can get all the real-life sex that you want – and then even more?
But Sam told us that he had two very good reasons for joining our site.
In the first place he lives in a very remote area and the chances of any sexual encounter – even if he were straight – are be pretty remote.
And, in the second, Sam hopes to go to college soon on a Computer Studies course. That’s his main interest in life (apart from looking at pictures of naked HMBoys) and it’s what he’s like to do for a living one day.
But what he’d really like to get into, he told us, is running an internet porn business. And so he wanted our advice.
Sadly, we had to point out the pitfalls. It’s really hard to start off a new site from scratch these days, we told him. Models seem to want more and more money and the cost of the whole technical side of things seems to go up virtually month on month.
But, in spite of our warnings, the optimism of youth triumphed and Sam decided that, if he was going to run a business of his own one day, it would probably be a good idea to give it a try in front of the camera too.
So, on a day when his folks were away visiting their nearest neighbour (a 100 mile round-trip), we dropped by.
And we showed young Sam exactly how you go about taking pictures of a very attractive young man.
At the end of the shoot, we passed over Sam’s payment.
But, much to our surprise, he handed almost all of it straight back.
“I’ve obviously still got quite a bit to learn about the industry”, he told us.
“So take this for another three years’ subscription to the HMBoys site.”
And with that he turned back to looking at some of his favourite models who he’s about to join.
Like we said before, Sam’s just the sort of boy we really like.

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Sep 042017

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Sep 042017

There is a teeming cultural life in Prague. Streets are filled with buskers and musicians, which can be amusing, or annoying. Depending on your mood. I was in a very good mood when I met two young musicians playing at a square in the Old Town. It’s not an easy spot for hunting because Czechs are quite difficult to come across. The young street artists were just perfect. I quickly chose the younger one.When he told me he just turned 18, I could feel my cock getting hard right there. And he was unemployed. I promised him a much better job than begging in the streets, he was interested. Near the square there is a very nice hotel with rooms just for “quick meetings”. I lured the boy in there for a “casting”. It always works. Who wouldn’t like to work as a model?

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Aug 252017

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