May 122016

I was on the way to the Christmas market when I noticed a young guy who apparently was kinda sexy. Unfortunately he was in a hurry and it took me already about five minutes to even stop him for a short interview. He was really not interested in speaking with me as he was afraid of missing his train. When I finally got his attention he told me that he went to Prague just for a party. He spent 3000 Crowns there with a few friends – a small fortune for a Czech youngster. So I was sure to get him with my offer. But actually he wasn’t interested. He really refused 10,000 CZK for a simple shirt blowjob. And as he again was about to run away from me I had to decide very fast whether to increase my offer or not. I decided to double it. And trust me – he was worth it.

Czech Hunter

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May 122016

Morgan is an adorable boy we all want to cuddle with, along with other things

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May 122016

OMG, he is a young Adonis. That cute face. That fresh young body. The big cock. The loving way he slowly strokes it. His unbelievable low hangers that make you want spend hour licking and sucking on. That beautiful little red hole surrounded by man fuzz that makes you want to eat his ass forever. His soft moaning. Hi impending orgasm. His explosive cum ejaculation. The sweet smile on his face after releasing his man seed. Everything about him is arousing.

May 102016

Introducing Corey King. Corey’s a short, sweet & extremely sexy small town Ohio boy. Helix heartthrob & smoking hot top, Blake Mitchell recently picked up the 18 year old at the airport and took him for whirlwind day in the sun to help us get to know the little prince and the icebreaking is absolutely adorable! Don’t miss a minute of Corey’s super cute story in an extra special scene where we find out that this will be far more than just Corey King’s first time on camera.

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