May 152016

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May 142016

When I left the station I noticed a young guy having a phone call on the other side of the street. I was not sure about his age so I went there and as he appeared to wait there I simply asked him. He appeared to be – I don’t know – arrogant and helpless at the same time. Like he was playing a role. We had a short chat an he told me that he is a real -estate – agent. From my point of view rather a wannabe-agent. His suit was obviously cheap and far too large in size. And indeed, he started to work just a few months ago. The client he was waiting for called him that he would be one hour late. So my idea was as simple as it was clever: I asked him to show me the apartment first. And once I had him there alone I made him an offer which he couldn’t resist…

Czech Hunter

May 142016

Jasper and Trey are out in the pool getting to know each other, really well

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May 142016

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