Jun 292016

You guys are so right. This is a VERY HOT video. I’ve watched it 3 times and I’m still hard as a rock after cumming twice. The view from behind as he is kneeling shows what a great body the boy has. Have your sound up so you hear the sexy fapping. His stroking is so awesome, the cum shot is almost unnecessary. I think this might be from a Brad Posey video.

Sexy Boys From DoggyBoys

Jun 252016

I got a call from a guy who I hunted long time ago. He mentioned having pretty serious financial problems. Not my problem, I told him. Then he promised to bring along his roommate. I was a bit reluctant but my curiosity won eventually. We met at St. Matthew’s Fair, which is a very famous event in Prague. I thought it would be fun but bad weather ruined everything. The boy changed quite a bit since the last time I saw him. He got much cuter and stylish. Also his roommate was really nice and sweet. It took some time to convince him and I had to offer him a lot of money. But the effort was well worth it. I booked us a luxuriously looking room and we enjoyed a nice threesome. Just the poor boy had to endure two cocks while loosing his virginity.

Czech Hunter

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