Jun 222018

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Jun 222018

These are two delightful blond twinks in hot intense action outdoors under a patio roof on a mattress. great euro style bodies showed off by the camera man in constant action with hot chemistry.

Jun 222018

Too bad it is such a short scene. I could have watched this hot and beautiful and pair of twinks for a looong time.

Jun 182018

The thing that makes Kyler Moss special to me is how in just about every video, he’s so into it. He’s a good actor, obviously, but it’s just… it adds something SPECIAL that a lot of other stars don’t have. Like the kissing at the end? And how wildly he came, instead of trying to focus it in one spot for the camera? Kyler is a performer, a really good one, that knows what we want to see, and delivers it every time. Enthusiastic sluttiness. Couldn’t ask for more.