Jan 052020

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Nov 062019

Insatiable cock lover, Cody Wilson grabs gorgeous newcomer, Spencer Locke by the hand and leads the sinewy, thin hipped, handsome young hottie to his bedroom where he quickly closes the door behind them. Wilson gets right to work, wettin’ his whistle with Locke’s HUGE, hairless hammer! Cody knows he’s got s LOT of cock to cover and wastes no time thrusting the thick tripod deep down his throat. Spencer wields his wide weapon with cocky confidence, grabbing Wilson by the hair to drive dick even deeper down the dude’s gullet. Spencer spins his toy twink around and pushes him on the bed, booty up; then, he eats that can like candy! His piercing, ice blue eyes hypnotize looking up from Cody’s crack as he prepares the pretty boy’s tight pucker for an unparalleled punishing. When Wilson begins to open up from his expert ass eating. Locke lunges forward. It takes a couple tries before Cody’s cockpit can accommodate the enormous appendage; but, once Locke is lodged in deep, the dude does NOT hold back! He rails Wilson without mercy, cramming cock in that cozy caboose as Cody clutches mattress doggy style. Locke gives the guy a slight reprieve when he has the twink hop on for a ride. Cody controls the slam speed slightly; but, it isn’t long before Spencer’s type A, ass smashing tendencies kick back in! He holds Wilson by the hips and jackhammers that giant jock till the sweet sound of hard fucking flesh fills the air! The angelic looking ass master even dishes out some delicious, dominant dirty talk. Then, our dom dick slinger manhandles his pretty pet onto his back, swings his ankles up on his shoulders and stuffs his big, blunt bastard back in the boy’s backdoor. He gets right back to work wailing on Wilson HARD! He pumps his piece till Cody’s uncut cock can no longer hold it’s creamy contents, and his hot load oozes like lava! The tiny twink’s tight tail twitching as he busts sends Spencer over the edge. He pulls that prized piece out and hoses lil’ dude down, completely covering his entire crotch with hot cum. For his final tantric trick, Locke plunges his cum covered cock back in Cody’s canyon and leaves it there throbbing as the cream covered couple kiss.

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