Apr 112016

What a truly beautiful girly boy. Loved everything about her. Lovely boybreasts and plugged anal vagina a real turn on. I was somewhat surprised that such a feminine little thing like her can still ejaculate. I would keep her penis caged and deny her orgasm.

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Apr 072016

I was picking up a broken camera from a repair shop when I run into a very interesting young boy. We both waved at the same taxi passing by. After a small fight we decided to share the car as we both headed the same direction. The boy was super sweet and only 18 years old. When he mentioned his girlfriend, I got really interested. I can’t resist sweet and cute straight guys like him.
After a few minutes of small talk he told me a very important piece of information. He had a drunk gay experience involving a French kiss. I didn’t hesitate for a second and asked him to kiss me, on the cock. With plenty of money in hands he agreed and I knew this was going to be a fun ride. Fortunately, our driver was also very open-minded, after I offered him a generous tip 😉

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