May 172016

Wow is Lesha white! Super hot blond, but boy does he need a tan. Don’t know how anyone could have given his a thumbs down, these two guys were hot. Awesome cum shot at the end too. Wish they would have shown the cum that landed on the ground too, you could hear it splatter when it hit the ground hehe.

The new gay teen studio

May 142016

That is one nice cock and like how small his sack gets when he is close to cumming… Bet his cum tastes so sweet… What’s not to like. He is really cute with a nice fuzzy little butt hole and a hot cock. Love seeing it hard and being stroked but also liked looking at it soft with the foreskin only partially retracted and his little pink head peeking out. Very hot when they were trying to get to his little hole and he was clenching his butt cheeks so hard that they could barely pull them apart. He eventually gets fingered which was hot. Bet his young boy sperm tasted good.

Smooth Boys Paradise!

May 122016

Morgan is an adorable boy we all want to cuddle with, along with other things

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