Sep 232012

Sexy Tanner Stark might look a little shy when you first see him, but through his interview we find out that this gorgeous young man is a little more kinky than his appearance suggests. He’s also pretty horny all the way through, fondling his cock through his pants. And when he strips completely we find he has a long and hard cock and a totally smooth ass that he loves to finger while he jerks!

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  9 Responses to “Todays Mr.Gayteenlove Tanner Stark…”

  1. I like this lads looks and nice body with that finger licking butt hole. I’am getting accustom to those nipple rings,but fear that if I where to try this I most likely end up with breast cancer, I was wondering when he was talking about his frist bf named Scot something, Iam thinking that Scot [something] didn’t make a very good impression this lad. I hope he get’s a body wave for his hair. He has nice hair and a body wave would really look good. I can tell by his conversion that he like’s warm weather. Me too.

  2. Nice looking boy with a cute face, nice lean-long torso and an engaging personality…I’d definitely buy him a couple of drinks!

  3. You bet a cum stick, I get him a couple of drinks and then some.

  4. hmmm i like that guy, his nice cock and sweet balls!!! i would love to lick those balls, he also has a nice ass! love it!

  5. Oh what a sweet boy…. He will get those drinks…. He will get my love .. He will get my tongue up his boyhole after I lick his finger

  6. Good lukin lad, nice bod but pretty disappointing cock. Sorry mate!

  7. Well Conor,when you can show that you have a better cock to see, then maybe leave it up to the other to decide if this lads cock is disappointing or not. It takes more then a hunk of meat between one’s legs to be a good person.The Chinese seemm to be doing ok with their so called disappointing cocks.

  8. Nice boy

  9. Tanner is very beautiful i shall like it his

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