Feb 052013

Dick Dorm

  7 Responses to “Before bed time…”

  1. Mmmmm! Nice cock and very big balls!! Pretty good cum squirt as well. Nice!!

    • I totally agree – he’s got a great tightly cut cock, his balls are perfect and he squirts a good load. I love squirters! Hot vid!

  2. I can see that this lad pays much homage to his lovely cock and nut sack. There is no reason he shouldn’t because he is gifted with a beautifull package.Plus he is really hot looking to boot.

  3. I especially enjoyed 00:30, when he isolated the balls in the bottom of his sac and stretched them away from his body. Also the sound… his little grunts and comments plus the lovely sound of a well-lubricated cock being vigorously stroked off.

  4. the video is not loading 🙁
    None of the lubeyourtube vids

  5. I can’t watch the video, it says This video was loaded from lubeyourtube.com, please visit for the full video. 🙁

  6. Hello 🙂
    You can watch this video in IE, Opera, Firefox.
    It is a problem only in Google Chrome and Safari.

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