Dec 052013

  10 Responses to “Big dick…”

  1. Fucking hell. Some bigguns there. I love all of them. Where do I meet lads like that??

  2. There’s nothing hotter than a beautiful twink with a BIG, preferably cut, cock. These are wonderful. I think I’d pick that last, veiny one to suck and ride. Stunning.

  3. There’s nothing more beautiful and natural than a guy with a perfect unaltered cock. I feel sorry for those who were mutilated and will never know the extremely plesure we intact boys feel.

  4. There is more to a young lad then a veiny cock to suck on. I would bet that #1,and #2,And #3 are brothers or from the same tribe. I well go with #4. He has that clean cut American look.

  5. pic #1

  6. my gawd that first boy with the 3 pics has one majestic cock! What I would give to suck and lick on that big hard pole. Too bad there was no pic of him pumping a load of hot teen cum from it. Would love to be face down and ass up as he plowed deep into me with that bananna

  7. Adorei o #4, além de lindo, tem um pau delicioso !!!!!

  8. You know he definitely has to be sucking his own cock. I mean a cock that long why not

  9. Juat been having another look at this awesome selection of hung lads. That lad in the last pic has a huge dick and so fucking veiny – think that’s hard enough to penetrate any ass or anything!

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