Oct 312019

Hot brothers, very nice scene. Once older brother gets younger brother on a roll. demonstrating sex all the way to fucking is awesome. The perfume spray didn’t seem that important. when brother changed from sucking little brothers cock to flipping him around and eating his hole.


Oct 302019

Poor guy was about to cry…in the end I felt bad for him and wondered if he was going to be ok. I think it might have affected him in a bad way regardless of how much we may have enjoyed watching it. No skinny guy like that with a virgin hole is going to take that cock so easy…He is extremely hot though

Oct 302019

Yep, when you find your team mate with an Oh WOW long/big dick? AND it’s only the two of you in the shower. GO FOR IT! and this scene becomes very real (They really get their hair wet under the shower! lol) . love long tall skinny twinks. Their naked bodies become great for fucking.