Jan 122012

  14 Responses to “Teen boy cum…”

  1. Now that’s what I call one of a facial. There’s no pimples on this lads face.All that cum is good for the skin.

  2. Now that’s what I call one hell of a facial treatment.I see there are no pimples on this lads face.All that cum is good for the skin.

  3. Good one! Not only does he release a copious amount of cum, this boi has outstanding aim so none of his semen is wasted on the walls, furniture, ceiling, or over the fence into the neighbor’s yard!

  4. This is one great facial.I would love to be on the recieveing end for this hot stud.

  5. Une magnifique douche chaude d’un magnifique reproducteur ! Un soin de beauté sur le visage 2 fois par semaine ^^

  6. I love it . I would suck you any day and eat your asshole . Only wish you came in my mouth

  7. I love it i wish i was sucking it or fucking it . your so hot and cute . i love you .

  8. I loved it only wish i was sucking your cock . ! I ant to fuck you love cutei

  9. Oh my gosh! you are so hot, i would suck your big fat juicy cock anyday of the week!

  10. uauauuu and I whant to this

  11. That is just THE hottest boy wank I have ever seen! Wonderful!!

  12. god how i wish that was MY face 🙂

  13. fan FUCKING tastic!!! wish i cud do that like i used to 🙂

  14. Just now seen this vid clip. Fit lad, great cock and what an awesome shot ofcontrolled cum squirting. That lad is an a accomplished jerker . Definitely a gold medal in the Sexylimpics!!

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