Sep 202012

The new gay teen studio

  7 Responses to “Sexy Cutie Milks…”

  1. Well this lad is living the good life with that very relaxing chair so he can seek his recreation period with his handsome, and well endowed penis. He has a very nice ball sack that one could play and suck with also. Altogether with that handsome body and face, I could be in PARADISE with this lad. I just love shaved pubs, and that nice tan skin that makes the cum stand out . I see he is a lad who doesn’t waste his protein. I love protein also.

  2. Love this golden boi… He’s one of the few who really pulls off the shaved look. And of course I enjoyed watching him pull himself off, too!

  3. fully clothed i would drag him to me holding him close. he can still do what he.s doing hands free against me . i would make certain his willy exploded into shooting big style . willy me please !

  4. Really good looking boy… Creamy cum at the end…. Loved his grunts and little smile…. and a quick but satisfying look at his tight smooth boy ass

  5. Impressive cock and big balls. Really horny good looking lad. What more could you want?

  6. What a beauty – good looking, smooth, tanned skin, nice tight butt. And a hard, perfectly proportioned cut cock, too. I bet that warm teen cum tasted sweet – I’d love to lick that from his lovely abs! And yes, Mike, he looked good shaved, which is not something I normally go for.

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