Jul 312013

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Dick Dorm

  5 Responses to “Its all in…”

  1. I know what your going to say Conor, but maybe they are bf. This lad that showing his butt must be in his tender years, because there wasn’t a hair on his butt to be seen. The way that cock, [which was very nice] went up this lads butt chute I would say it has been there a number of times.

  2. You mean about NO CONDOMS Michael! Well it must be from E.Europe or Russia. Nice very deep and smooth penetration there but surely this can’t be a teen fuck vid. Both of them are using cock rings!! Do rampantly hoprny teen cocks nee such things??

  3. @Conor; I know you would speak up about NO CONDOMS and your right, but I don’t understand how these boys coming out Russia with the anti-gay laws Russia has now. These fuck vids would never be seen in Russia. Being gay in Russia is a NO-NO.

  4. Well Michael what the law “says” and what people “do” are usually entirely different and its amazing what a brown envelope full of money does!!
    Maybe they are Ukrainian or even E.European – I know a lot of really hot porn comes out of he Czech Republic – ever seen those “Czech Hunter” vids?

  5. Not many Europeans are cut, so maybe it’s from elsewhere? Anyway, I enjoyed the way that tight, smooth hole opened so willingly to the top’s perfect cock. Nice cum from both too, and the filming captured the beauty of the fucking perfectly. I enjoyed the moaning too. Looks fun!

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